It gets dark early, it’s raining outside and the wind is blowing. You can’t wait to get into bed, or tuck yourself into a blanket on the sofa, and get back to work. You put on some music, or your favourite audiobook. You pick up your needles. You take a deep breath.

Finally, YOUR moment has come.

That moment with yourself, knitting, that allows you to relax, that allows you to flow into an almost meditative state.

Knitting is not a vice, it is health.

We want to accompany you in that special moment with this autumn winter yarn collection. With our yarns we bring you stories of the countryside, of rural life, of the places in our village.

We want to take care of you with our handmade dyeing full of magic and free of toxics.

Our process is the same as in the past, dating back to the 3rd millennium B.C., when organic dyes were already being manufactured, fixatives made of alum, earth, copper and iron salts were used, as well as solvents made of organic acids (vinegar).

In our online shop you will find balls of 100% merino wool from Spain, skeins of baby alpaca wool from Peru, Australian merino with silk and baby alpaca with silk and cashmere.

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  • Lana con pelo suave

    La Asperilla

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  • perfume para la ropa

    Yarn perfume

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