Ecofriendly hand-dyed yarn made in Spain

Hello! We are Lidia and Toñi: daughter and mother, dyers and weavers… in a place in La Mancha.

Ecofriendly hand-dyed yarn made in Spain

Our workshop is located in our father’s/ grandfather’s old winery, where for many years they worked hard to turn the village grapes into wine.

Yarn hand-dyed in a old winery

It is a wonderful place that inspires us and leads us to create unique pieces, because although the range of colours is the same, there will never be one skein or ball of yarn the same as another.

Natural and ecological dyes

Here we watch the seasons go by, one after the other, we observe how our plants change, the fields, the sunsets… and we feel blissful.

We dye in Castilla- La Mancha

We firmly believe in another kind of fashion, in another kind of consumption. A consumption that respects time, animals, producers, workers, artisans, … the planet. That is why we look for fibres and dyes that meet our requirements of sustainability and ethics.

We then take care of putting our love and our art into each fibre, each fabric and each garment or accessory. This way you can weave with peace of mind and security, fully enjoy the process and feel immense pride when you finish.

Oh, you don’t knit? Well, you have two options: learn and enjoy its wonderful benefits or? have us knit it for you.

With each piece you take with you a piece of our happiness, of our love, of our roots. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them for you.

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