Dyeing with natural dyes

Welcome to our Natural Dyes category! Here you will find everything you need to immerse yourself in the exciting world of dyeing your own fabrics and wool in a natural and sustainable way.

Our product selection includes a wide variety of natural dyes, carefully selected for their ability to create beautiful, long-lasting colors. These dyes are an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to synthetic dyes, as they do not contain harmful chemicals or unnecessary additives.

In addition to natural dyes, we also offer a range of mordants, substances that help fix and improve the adhesion of pigments to fibers. These natural mordants provide optimum results in the dyeing process, guaranteeing vibrant and long-lasting colors.

To complete your natural dyeing experience, we also offer a selection of wools specially chosen to be dyed. These high quality wools are the perfect canvas to bring your creative ideas to life and experiment with a wide palette of natural colors.

Whether you’re a fabric dyeing enthusiast or a crafter looking to add a unique touch to your creations, our Natural Dyeing category is your ultimate resource. We offer you quality products, carefully selected to provide you with a pleasant and successful dyeing experience.

Explore our collection “Dyeing with natural dyes”, you will find mordants, dyes and undyed yarn. Be inspired by the beauty of nature’s colors. Discover the power of creating your own unique and environmentally friendly creations. Start your natural dyeing journey today and step into a world of creative and sustainable possibilities!

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  • Buy wool mordant

    Alum powder

    2,00 7,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Dyeing wool with chamomile


    3,00 12,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Dyeing wool with achiote


    3,50 14,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Dyeing magenta fibers

    Cochineal from Canary Islands

    13,00 75,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Cream of tartar for dyeing wool

    Cream of tartar – Wool Mordant

    6,00 20,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Baby Suri Alpaca White

    11,00  (included IVA) Read more
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