Medium weight yarn

Medium weight yarn for knitting offers a number of benefits that make it an ideal choice for craft enthusiasts. First, its intermediate thickness provides versatility, allowing the creation of garments and accessories that are both lightweight and warm and cozy. In addition, the medium yarn is very easy to work with, making it perfect for beginners as well as more experienced knitters. Its strands glide smoothly over the needles, facilitating the knitting process and avoiding unwanted snags.

The medium fleece also offers excellent heat retention, keeping the wearer warm in cold weather. Finally, its wide range of colors and textures allows the creation of unique and customized projects. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the benefits of knitting with medium wool!

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  • Feria de Noche 2.0

    26,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Irrepetibles I

    69,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Ovillos top Manis

    45,00 66,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Toñi’s Pierre sweater skeins

    162,00 234,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Cashmere skeins for knitting Fitus sweater

    Toñi’s Fitu sweater with cashmere

    162,00 249,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Spanish merino balls for Fitu sweater

    96,00 159,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Navidad 2023-2024

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Lana de merino y alpaca

    Otoño orquestado

    22,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • hilado merino y alpaca

    Suspiro del invierno

    22,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Alpaca con merino lana

    Magia en hebras

    22,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Alpaca y merino tejer

    Luz invernal

    23,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Destellos de invierno

    23,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Edulis textil

    23,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Ensueño

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Euforia de escarcha

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Resplandor otoñal

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Lana con motitas de colores

    Confeti de Nataly

    23,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Lluvia de otoño

    Original price was: 20,00 €.Current price is: 16,00 €. (included IVA) Read more
  • Flores de otoño

    Original price was: 21,00 €.Current price is: 17,00 €. (included IVA) Read more
  • Flores de invierno

    Original price was: 63,00 €.Current price is: 45,00 €. (included IVA) Read more
  • Motitas naturales duo

    Original price was: 48,00 €.Current price is: 38,00 €. (included IVA) Read more
  • Thinking about autumn

    48,00  (included IVA) Read more
  • Speckels4me

    21,00 23,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Pozuelos

    23,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
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