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In your grandmother’s house there is an old boot, you never gave it importance because in your memory it only has old bedding and other unimportant things. However, one day something makes you open it again. You remove the cobwebs, open it and among all those unimportant things you find a jewel.  A beautiful shawl that she used to wear, you remember seeing her wearing it in a photo, although due to the passage of time the colours have changed. It no longer has that original off-white, time and humidity have turned it into a yellowish white with darker traces and ochre stains in some parts… Happy you get that shawl back and with it a part of your loved ones comes alive and shines with you.

(this was what Ruth was very clear she wanted to achieve with the colour Antica Oro, to evoke this feeling, the colour came later, they both share that antique feel she wanted to convey in her design)


51% Baby Alpaca – 25% Linen – 24% Mulberry Silk.
100 g – 400 m (3 skeins are included in the kit)
Crochet hook needle 3.5 – 4.5 mm (for the pattern you will use 4.5 upwards, depending on your tension)
Hand dyed with two dyeing techniques.
Toxic free.

Rustic and elegant, this fibre is highly recommended for spring and autumn, or all year round if you live in a warmer place. It’s low in warmth, not weighing you down, lightweight and very soft.


This is a lovely crochet/crochet knitted shawl. Shawl Vecchio version 2 (#chalvecchio_fqdue) designed by Ruth from @farruqacreaciones

A wonderful pattern perfectly explained with instructions and photos, links to videos of the most complex stitches (left and right hand), stitch count table and chart. Super complete.

You can also join the CAL we have in progress to knit it and access to an exclusive Instagram account for CAL members with videos of all the laps.

If you want to see the beige version, with Antica Oro, click here.

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This fibre is very original as the dyeing results in a mottled look. The Baby alpaca yarn provides the softness, the silk the shine and the linen the texture, resulting in a rustic but at the same time luxurious yarn.

As linen picks up colour differently to silk and alpaca (as it is a cellulosic fibre, not a protein fibre), the result is a subtle mottled effect that produces a wonderful depth of colour.

Baby Alpaca: Alpaca fibre comes from Peru. It is a shiny, silky and very soft yarn. It is warmer than yarn but not itchy and does not contain lanolin. It is hypoallergenic.

Washing recommendations: whenever possible, it is better to simply air the garment. If not, hand wash with water at a temperature below 30º with a neutral soap.  It is best to dry horizontally.

Please note that each skein is unique, those with mixed colours will never be exactly the same as the one in the photo.

Additional note: the colours may look different on each screen. But don’t worry, if you are not satisfied with the product when you receive it, we will start the return process without any problem.

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