Yarn perfume

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Do you like the smell of our skeins when you receive them at home? Our yarn perfume can now be yours!

Use it to block your garments, for finished projects, for bedding, or for anything you can think of that has textile fibres.


Amber coloured glass bottle with dispenser (spray).
Each bottle contains approximately 100 ml

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What is a yarn perfume?

A yarnperfume is a textile perfume, suitable for all types of yarns and garments. In particular we use it after the blocking of the sewing piece, because we use a neutral soap, this one does not have perfume and so we give it that little extra touch.

As it is a perfume made with natural ingredients, it is also suitable for your skin.

It is a textile perfume made for us by caramelosdementa, an expert in natural cosmetics. Its composition is 100% natural ingredients and has no preservatives.

What is natural cosmetics?

It is made with raw materials of natural origin, mainly from plants and minerals.  By its definition, the formulation of natural cosmetics is free of artificial or synthetic ingredients, it lacks any type of chemical or toxic of industrial origin.

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