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Summer knitting with yarn is possible if you choose the right quality. This merino yarn with silk is perfect for light garments.

Mamihlapinatapei (Yagan, indigenous language of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina) – “It is the meaningful look shared by two people who want to start something, but are reluctant to take the first step to begin”.

This yarn is a single ply yarn (1 ply), which makes it a very light yarn, not heavy, and therefore, it has less drape than those of the same composition with several ply. This characteristic makes it a yarn recommended for light and cooler spring-summer tops where a great definition of the stitches is not required.

Soft merino yarn in coppery orange tones. It is a hand dyed yarn with dyes with OEKO-TEX 100 certificate.

Of course, like all our yarns, it is toxic-free. Merino yarn with silk is one of our softest yarns and one of the most popular with knitters.

The silk gives it an extra softness and a lot of shine.

It is Superwash, but as it is dyed with natural dyes it is recommended to wash it by hand at a maximum of 30º.

Thickness of the yarn: Fingering – 1 Ply
Metres: 400 metres
Weight per piece: 100 grams
Recommended needle size: 2.5 – 4mm
Composition: 75% Australian Merino Yarn Extra Fine – 25% Silk
Hand dyed with Natural dyes in Toledo (Spain)

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Pattern ideas:
– Crochet:
1 skein: Marquesa stole
2 skeins: Top Coyoacan / Top Narciso
3 skeins: Mañanita Shawl

More than 3 skeins: Short sleeve cardigan / Crochet colourwork jumper

– Two needles:
1 skein: Leaves shawl
2 skeins: Clementine Sweater (small sizes)
3 skeins: Top (small sizes)

More than 3 skeins: Aceituna Sweater (a cool mix of different colours)

1 ply yarn – Single ply yarn – Single end yarn

It is a yarn whose main quality is its lightness. This characteristic, together with the composition, makes it an ideal option for knitting spring-summer projects.

The eights, braids or cables knitted with a 1 ply yarn are soft and flat. In colourwork you will get a result where the lines between the stitches are undefined because the yarns are spread out. This contributes to the classic look of Lopi jumpers, where the colours seem to flow into each other.

One advantage of this 1 ply yarn that we really like is that the increases and decreases will not be as pronounced as in multiply yarns.

Why use yarn for knitting?

We tell you its benefits:

It warms in winter and breathes in summer.
It manages the humidity in a natural way, it breathes (it allows your skin to breathe) and it doesn’t make you sweat unlike other natural and synthetic fibres. Therefore, you won’t sweat as much or as much and won’t get a bad smell or not as much.
It doesn’t need to be washed often, sometimes just airing the garment will be enough, so you will save on washing which is good for your pocket and for the planet.
It is anti-allergic and anti-dust mite (it is a natural dust mite repellent).
It does not generate or accumulate static electricity, no more hair standing on end!
It is fireproof, it protects you from fire.
It is resilient, it does not deform, not even in the points that stretch the most (elbows, knees, …).
It is resistant to acids.

In addition, and in this particular case, as it contains a percentage of silk, merino yarn and silk has an extra softness for the most demanding skins, greater drape and also resistance.

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