La Asperilla

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Collection of landscapes in our village

(20/20) La Asperilla: is a herbaceous plant with bell-shaped flowers. Its scientific name is Campanula erinus. It is a plant with small hairs on its stems and leaves. As a place, it must have had many of these plants, although Asperilla is also a surname.

This soft baby suri alpaca yarn is wrapped in the silk fibre and then brushed to produce that little furry halo around it. It is a good substitute for mohair, has a longer pile and will give a wonderful halo when combined with any other yarn for knitting. It’s like faux fur yarn, but natural and sustainable, what more could you ask for?

It is very versatile and can be used for a lot of projects and with many different needle thicknesses depending on the result you want to achieve.

If you combine it with DK or Fingering yarns, you will add warmth and texture to your project without adding weight.


Characteristics and details:
Composition: 75% Baby Suri Alpaca and 25% Mulberry silk
Thickness: Lace
Measurements: 50 g and approximately 300 metres.
shades of pink, beige and ocre. Dyed with organic acid dyes.

Sustainability: Beautiful yarns…

…that take care of your health… Synthetic fibres do not allow the skin to breathe and make it irritate, and many of them are petroleum products that have been dyed with dyes containing heavy metals and other toxic substances. Natural fibres, however, allow the skin to ventilate while protecting against the cold and insulating against heat.

… and the environment… Alpaca, being a natural fibre, is made using more environmentally friendly techniques. It is also 100% biodegradable.

In addition, alpaca fibres from Peru, such as these, are fair trade fibres. This means that higher (fair) prices are offered to the producers so that they can produce under better conditions, the situation of the workers is also taken care of and the improvement of their conditions is sought.

Dyeing process: we dye by hand, in an artisanal way and besides using dyes that take care of your health, our health and the environment, we use a dyeing process that optimises the use of water and energy.

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yarn with soft hair

What is the Suri alpaca?

The alpacas of the suri breed, as the term alpaca is usually used without differentiating whether it is a wakaya or suri alpaca.

Unlike the Wakaya breed of alpaca, which is bred above 4,200 metres above sea level, the Suri breed is an alpaca that is bred below this altitude.

This breed is categorised as “super fine” quality alpaca, and provides, after the vicuña, one of the finest and most luxurious natural fibres in the world.

Its fleece, which comes from a single coat, is straight, soft to the touch, silky, lustrous and shiny, resembling the softness of cashmere and the lustre and sheen of silk.

Fibre experts agree that the fleece of the Suri alpaca is more uniform than that of the Wacaya breed.

Suri alpaca fibre has no fat or lanolin like sheep.


READ ME. Important information:

You must keep in mind that artisanal dyeing is not like industrial dyeing. Batches are small, and the intensity and distribution of colours may vary from one skein to another. If you need the skeins to be from the same dye lot and as similar as possible, please write this in the order notes to take this into account.

It is also important to know that the colours may look different on each screen and that the mix and distribution of colours you receive may differ from the photo because no two skeins are exactly the same.

In any case, no worries! because if when you receive the skeins they are not what you expected, we will start the return process without a problem and at no cost to you.

Washing recommendations:

Hand wash in water at a temperature below 30º with a neutral soap. Dry the garment horizontally to avoid deformation.

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