Hand-woven clothing

Welcome to our hand-knitted clothing category! Here you will find unique and exclusive garments, made with our hand-dyed wool. We are proud to offer you clothing woven with high quality materials and with a focus on sustainability and respect for the environment.

Our wool is carefully dyed with natural dyes, extracted from plants and flowers, or with Oeko-Tex 100 certified dyes, which guarantees that our products are free of toxic substances and are safe for you and the planet.

Each hand-woven garment is a work of art in itself. Our skilled craftsmen devote time and attention to every detail to create unique pieces of clothing, full of beauty and charm. In addition, the hand-knitting process adds unparalleled texture and warmth to each garment, giving you a comfortable and cozy wearing experience.

Our collection includes a wide variety of garments. Each one of them reflects the care and passion we put into our work. In addition, being hand-woven, each garment has its own personality and character, making it a unique piece that will allow you to stand out in style.

We invite you to explore our selection of hand-woven clothing and discover the charm of traditional craftsmanship combined with the natural beauty of our dyed wool. Each garment is a testament to our dedication to quality, sustainability and exceptional design. Enjoy the warmth and elegance of our hand-knitted clothing and take a unique piece with you on every occasion!

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  • perfume for clothes

    Perfume for wool

    6,99  (IVA incluido) Add to cart
  • Crochet merino wool beret

    Crochet merino wool beret

    35,00  (IVA incluido) Add to cart
  • Crochet poncho

    Kira woven poncho – size M/L

    260,00  (IVA incluido) Add to cart
  • Merino wool crochet shawl
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