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Weaving marker holder, the ultimate solution to avoid the lack of markers. You can use it as a key ring next to your house keys so you will always have them at hand.

Available in 5 colors: black, blue, purple, green and red.

Different models of markers


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What are dot markers?

Stitch markers are small accessories used in knitting to mark specific stitches or sections in a piece of work. They can be used in crochet or stockinette knitting to help follow patterns, count stitches, indicate increases or decreases, or simply to mark points of interest in the design.

What is a marker holder?

A marker holder, on the other hand, is an accessory specifically designed to keep spot markers organized and accessible. It is usually a small case or ring with a zipper where the markers can be stored when not in use. Marker holders are handy for keeping markers safe and preventing them from getting lost or tangled with each other.

What are the advantages of using dot markers?

By using stitch markers on your fabric, you will enjoy several advantages:

  1. Pattern tracking: Dot markers are useful for more accurately following fabric patterns. They can help you quickly identify where increases, decreases or other specific instructions should be made.
  2. Point counting: Point markers make it easy to count points in your labor. You can place a marker after every certain number of stitches and easily count the number of stitches between them, which helps to avoid mistakes and maintain the correct shape of the piece.
  3. Mark sections or milestones: You can use stitch markers to mark important sections or milestones on your fabric, such as color changes, start of repeats, points of interest or any other details you need to remember.
  4. Increased efficiency: By using dot markers, you can work more efficiently. You won’t have to constantly count stitches or look for references in the pattern, as the markers will allow you to quickly identify key sections.

Differences between crochet and stockinette stitch markers

As for the differences between crochet stitch markers and stockinette stitch markers, they are generally similar in function, but may vary in design and shape. Crochet stitch markers are usually small hoops or clips that are placed on the stitch strands, while stockinette stitch markers can be closed hoops or even strands of yarn that are passed from one needle to the other. The choice of markers will depend on the type of weaving you are doing and your personal preferences.


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