Mothproof perfume

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Mothproof wool perfume perfume, also deodorizing.

Protect your wool garments with this textile mothproof perfume with citrus notes. Contains cedar and bergamot.

  1. After wearing your wool sweater/top, take it outside to air it out.
  2. Then, before storing it in the closet, spray it with this textile perfume.
  3. It will be protected and ready for the next time you use it, and you will enjoy its incredible fresh scent!

How does the perfume come?

  • Amber glass bottle with dispenser (spray) or with cap (in case you already have your own dispenser)
  • Each bottle contains approximately 100 ml
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What is a mothproof wool perfume?

A wool perfume is a textile perfume, suitable for all types of yarns and garments and in this case specifically formulated to repel moths. In particular, we use it to spray our clothes before putting them in the closet, even to spray the whole closet itself.

  • After blocking the work and before storing, spray your garment to protect it from the dreaded moths.
  • It is also deodorizing, so after using your wool sweater you can air it out but before storing it in the closet, perfume your sweater so it is protected and ready to wear next time. The soap has no fragrance, so we give it that little extra touch.

It is a textile perfume made for us by caramelosdementa, an expert in natural cosmetics. Its composition is 100% natural ingredients and has no preservatives.

What is natural cosmetics?

It is made with raw materials of natural origin, mainly from plants and minerals. By definition, the formulation of natural cosmetics is free of artificial or synthetic ingredients, devoid of any type of chemical or toxic of industrial origin.

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