Crochet kit: the Kira Poncho

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Poncho crochet kit [If you want it in other colors, write to us].

Want to shine this winter? With this kit to crochet a wool poncho, you will do it without any doubt.

We bring you this new kit designed by our dear Ruth from @Farruqacreaciones. A very original and fun project that you will enjoy knitting, because the 100% baby alpaca yarn is very tasty and slides very well on the needles.

You will shine on the outside for its originality and strength, you will shine on the inside for its warmth and because you know that our wool is an investment in health and environmental care.

The strength of orange tones with gray is the perfect combination that mixes the exotic, optimistic and cheerful with the elegant.

Pattern level: intermediate

With this kit, the skein costs 18,3€, and the pusual price of these skeins: 22€.

You save: 18,5€.

Poncho crochet kit

Names of the skeins:

✴️Alpha Orionis, called Betelgeuse, a red supergiant, the ninth brightest in the sky.
⭐Gamma Orionis, or Bellatrix, Orion’s third brightest, a blue supergiant.

The two stars that give their name to these new colors that will soon see the light of day with a design as beautiful and as bright as they are.

Some curiosities:

✴️ Alpha Orionis is enoohuge, its mass is 20 times the mass of the Sun 😯
✴️ Some scientists believe it will explode “soon” at some point in the next 100,000 years.
✴️ Its name comes from Arabic and it is said that the best translation is: the hand of Al Jauza. And what is Al Jauza? was a female deity, a hunter, in the ancient Middle East and her name meant “the woman in the middle”, as her constellation was found crossing the line of the celestial equator. So it seems that the constellation of the goddess Al Jauza was made up of stars that are now part of both the constellation Gemini and the constellation Orion (a giant hunter🧐).

⭐ Bellatrix, her name, coming from Latin, means the warrior, and she is known as the Amazon Star (🧐🧐).
⭐Its luminosity is 6400 times greater than that of the sun.
⭐ In a few million years it will become a much larger orange supergiant.

Fascinating to see how the interpretation of constellations has evolved throughout history and in different cultures. Maybe our hunter Orion was once a hunter and they traded her to us!

Characteristics and details of the wool:

100% Baby Alpaca
Thickness DK
Approximately 225 m per 100 g

Knitting with baby alpaca

Baby alpaca wool comes from the first shearing and is even softer than normal alpaca wool. It is very warm, warmer than sheep wool, non-itchy, strong and hypoallergenic. It is perfect for knitting baby clothes.

Because it has such good properties, the garments you knit with it will have a higher quality than even cashmere and mohair. The garments last for many years due to the strength of the fiber.

Why alpaca wool does not produce allergy? because it does not contain lanolin, so it is perfect for people with very delicate skin. It also has a low water absorption, so it does not suffer deformations.

Of course, like sheep’s wool, it is flame retardant, which means it is fire resistant.

Sustainability: Beautiful yarn…

…that take care of your health… Synthetic fibers do not allow the skin to breathe and make it irritated, and many of them are petroleum-derived products that have been dyed with dyes containing heavy metals and other toxic substances. Natural fibers, however, allow ventilation of the skin while protecting from the cold and insulating the heat.

… and the environment… Wool, silk and cotton, being natural fibers, are made with more environmentally friendly techniques. They are also 100% biodegradable yarns.

READ ME. Important information:

You should keep in mind that artisanal dyeing is not like industrial dyeing. Batches are small, and the intensity and distribution of colors may vary from one skein to another. If you need the skeins to be from the same dye lot and as similar as possible, please write this in the order notes to take this into account.

It is also important for you to know that colors may look different on each screen and that the mix and distribution of colors you receive may differ from the photo because no two skeins are exactly alike.

In any case, no worries! Because if when you receive the skeins they are not what you expected, we will start the return process without any problem and at no cost to you.

Washing recommendations:

When it comes to washing delicate hand-woven garments, it is important to take extra precautions to maintain their shape and quality, especially if they are woven with hand-dyed yarns.

    • Hand wash:
      1. Fill a container with warm water and neutral soap or mild detergent specific for delicate garments or wool.
      2. Immerse the garment in the water and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Avoid rubbing or twisting the garment, as this may damage the fibers and cause deformation.
      3. Careful rinsing: Rinse the garment with clean water several times until no detergent residue remains. Be sure not to twist it while rinsing it.
    • Dry flat: Place the garment on a clean towel and gently roll the towel to remove excess water. Then, stretch the garment on a flat surface, in block form, to dry. Avoid hanging it, as this may deform it. Tends to shade, prolonged sun exposure can fade colors.
    • Proper storage: After washing and drying, store in a clean, dry place. You can spray the garment with our mothproof perfume, gently fold it and place it in a breathable cloth bag.




Black, Orange


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