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A small bag to carry hanging, or to use at home on the table or sofa. Put the ball of yarn inside, pull the yarn through the hole and start knitting!

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  • The bag has an inner lining.
  • Handmade with fabrics Made in Spain
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A project bag, and in this case, a yarn bag, is a very useful and practical accessory for any knitter. This bag is specifically designed to carry a small project or to be used as an alternative to the wool bowl by putting the ball of yarn inside. Here are some of the utilities and benefits of using a pouch holder:

  1. Organization: The project bag gives you a dedicated space to keep your yarn ball, needles and projects together and organized. Prevents your materials from getting scattered or mixed up, making it easier to keep track of your projects and reducing the chance of misplacing important items.
  2. Portability: A pouch holder allows you to carry your small knitting project everywhere comfortably and safely. You can take it with you on your daily commute, travels or even to knitting meetings. Simply hang the bag on the wrist and knit in the subway, on the bus…
  3. Protection: Project bags are usually made of strong, durable materials that protect your fabrics from external factors, such as dust, moisture or shock. By keeping your projects in a dedicated bag, you will reduce the risk of accidental damage and keep your fabrics in good condition.
  4. Inspiration: A well-organized and aesthetically appealing project bag can be a source of inspiration for your creations. By having all your materials neatly organized and in view, you can easily see your options and choose the project you want to work on. In addition, many bags feature charming designs and prints that add a touch of style to your knitting experience.
  5. Durability: Project bags are designed to withstand constant and repeated use. They are made of quality materials that can withstand the weight of fabrics, needles and other elements without easy wear and tear. This means that you will be able to enjoy your project bag for a long time, accompanying you on numerous knitting projects.
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