Reserve your extra ball of yarn

3,00  (included IVA)

How many times have you been short of wool and when you received the extra ball of yarn, the color changed considerably?

With us you can avoid this by adding to your cart this virtual “just in case” product that will allow you to reserve the number of units you need in case you are short of wool, and in case you finally order it, what you have paid for the reservation will be discounted.

NOTE: The ball or skein will be reserved for 3 months only.

NOTE 2: if there is not enough stock at the time of booking, we will refund the 3€.

It is an extra help that we have decided to give you, we hope you like the idea.



Reserve your extra ball of yarn


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extra ball of yarn just in caseReserve your extra ball of yarn
3,00  (included IVA)
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