Summer Cardigan

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From the moment Carmen Diaz (on IG @soyknitter) designed this jacket, we fell in love with it, so this year, taking advantage of the fact that we have brought out more colors in cotton with linen, we thought it was the perfect design for two needles.

📝The designer says: “The jacket is knitted in several parts. You start by knitting the back yoke, you will pick up stitches and knit the back in reverse. You will knit two more front yoke and pick up stitches with increases. Finally you will pick up the stitches in the armhole, once the yoke is sewn. The sleeves are straight and end with a finishing that puffs them up at the elbow”.

🎚️Un kit level: easy/intermediate. It is knitted straight.

Breakdown of PVP = 19 €/madeja + 7,26 € of the pattern (VAT included)

Summer cardigan knitting kit: This cardigan pattern was born from the mind and hands of Carmen Diaz, a great designer, teacher and person.

Characteristics of these precious skeins:

  • Each one has 460 wonderful meters for weaving
  • They are composed of 60% cotton and 40% linen.
  • Depending on the color, they are dyed with toxic-free acid dyes (OEKO-TEX 100 certified) or with natural dyes and of course with lots of love.

Summer cardigan knitting kit

Dive into creativity as you knit your own summer cardigan with lightweight yarns and fresh patterns. Design a unique and comfortable garment to fully embrace the summer season. Explore our range of kits and discover the inspiration you need to craft personalized fashion using the art of knitting. Crafting a summer cardigan has never been as enjoyable and fulfilling as it is now. Delight in the creative process as you design a piece of clothing that perfectly suits your style, highlighting your individuality. Seize sunny days to knit outdoors and experiment with colors and textures that mirror the vibrant season. Don’t miss the chance to showcase a distinct garment you’ve crafted with love and dedication. Explore our array of options and choose the perfect summer cardigan knitting kit to bring your creative vision to life. Your style, your ingenuity—knit your summer!

READ ME. Important information:

You should be aware that hand dyeing is not like industrial dyeing. The batches are small, and the intensity and distribution of the colours may vary from one skein to another. If you need the skeins to be from the same dye lot and as similar as possible, please write this in the order notes to take this into account.

It is also important to know that the colours may look different on each screen and that the mix and distribution of colours you receive may differ from the photo because no two skeins are exactly the same.

In any case, no worries! because if when you receive the skeins they are not what you expected, we will start the return process without a problem and at no cost to you.

Washing recommendations:

When it comes to washing delicate hand-woven garments, it is important to take extra precautions to maintain their shape and quality, even more so if they are woven with hand-dyed yarns.

  1. Hand wash:
    • Fill a basin with warm water and neutral soap or mild detergent specifically for delicates or wool.
    • Immerse the garment in the water and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Avoid rubbing or twisting the garment, as this may damage the fibres and cause deformation.
    • Gentle rinsing: Rinse the garment with clean water several times until no detergent residue remains. Make sure not to twist the garment while rinsing.
  2. Dry flat: Place the garment on a clean towel and gently roll the towel to remove excess water. Then stretch the garment out on a flat, block-shaped surface to dry. Avoid hanging, as this can distort the garment. Tend to shade, prolonged exposure to the sun may fade colours.
  3. Proper storage: After washing and drying the garment, store it in a clean, dry place. You can spray the garment with our mothproof perfume, gently fold it and place it in a breathable fabric bag.
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