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Are you just starting to knit or have you had your needles in your hands for many years? Whatever the answer, at Ovillova we have what you need to take your knitting projects to the next level. Explore our website and find the perfect ball of wool for you!

We help you to find the perfect ball of yarn

Each need requires a type of wool and each level, too. At Ovillova we want to make it easy for you, that’s why we have divided all our yarns according to their level of difficulty when knitting so that you can find the exact yarn ball according to your skills.

In addition, you can write to us at any time for advice on the type of sustainable wool you need or to find a pattern for you.

Wool For Beginners

Intermediate level wool

Wool For Advanced level

Does the level matter so much when choosing my wool?

Wool can be classified according to the skill level of the person who is going to weave. These levels are generally beginner, intermediate and advanced. Below are some of the key characteristics of wool suitable for each level:
  1. Beginner: Beginners should look for yarns that are easy to work with and clearly show the stitches, which is essential for learning to read knitting. Light-colored wools are usually better for this, as the dark color can obscure the definition of the stitch. Smooth, combed yarns are best for beginners because they are easy to unravel in case of a mistake. They can also look for DK, worsted or aran thickness wools, which are thick enough to work quickly but not so bulky that they are uncomfortable to handle. In addition, they should be spun with little or no silk, so that they are less slippery.

  2. Intermediate: As weavers gain confidence and skill, they can begin to explore different types of wool. This may include wools of darker or brighter colors, wools with a higher percentage of silk and wools of varying thickness (sport, fingering). At this point, they can also begin to experiment with more exotic or luxurious wool fibers, such as camel with silk.

  3. AdvancedAdvanced knitters can work with any type of wool, including extremely fine lace yarns, highly textured yarns or with very delicate wool fibers such as mohair, combed alpaca or cashmere.

Why ovillova?


We dye by hand, as it was done in the past, using high quality raw materials.


Our dyes and processes are environmentally friendly.

The animals from which the wool is derived are not mistreated in any way.

At your side

We are at your disposal for whatever you need, even to find your patterns.

Fast delivery and return within 15 days without any problem

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