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Whether you're a knitting beginner or a seasoned knitter, at Ovillova we have what you need to take your knitting projects to the next level while taking care of yourself and the planet. Browse our catalog and find the perfect ball of medium gauge wool for you!

Sustainable fine wool balls

As we know that your project is unique and you want the best material, at Ovillova we only offer you the best quality medium yarns.

In addition, you can write to us at any time for advice on the type of sustainable wool you need or to find a pattern for you.

Ovillova balls of fine wool

Welcome to the world of fine wool balls, the ones we are sometimes afraid to face, but which are the perfect choice for fine, delicate and detailed projects. Our collection of fine yarn balls is carefully selected to offer you soft, light and high quality yarns, but not only that, they are alsohand dyed by hand with non-toxic dyes, taking care of you, your skin, and the environment. Each skein is carefully treated with natural and environmentally friendly dyes, ensuring the beauty and safety of your weaving projects. These balls are ideal for knitting garments and accessories that require a delicate texture and a refined finish, and are the result of a meticulous and loving process, where each strand acquires subtle and vibrant shades that will delight your senses. In addition to their exquisite quality, the hand-dyed balls of fine wool offer the possibility of creating unique and exclusive pieces. With a wide range of colors and shades available, you will find the perfect fine wool to bring your most elegant creations to life. In addition to their softness and gentleness, these balls are easy to handle and will allow you to knit with precision and fluidity. Whether you're working on lace, lace trims or intricate patterns, our fine wool balls will give you exceptional results. Explore our selection and immerse yourself in the beauty and subtlety of knitting with thin balls. Buy now and enjoy the satisfaction of creating exquisite pieces with these premium quality balls!

Why ovillova?


We dye by hand, as it was done in the past, using high quality raw materials.


Our dyes and processes are environmentally friendly.

The animals from which the wool is derived are not mistreated in any way.

At your side

We are at your disposal for whatever you need, even to find your patterns.

Fast delivery and return within 15 days without any problem

Advantages of fine wool knitting

Fine wool offers the possibility of weaving with more detail and definition. PIt allows you to create projects with precise details and a clear definition. When knitting with thin balls, it is easier to highlight complex patterns, laces and lace, as the stitches are formed more neatly and precisely. Also lhe thinner yarns are lighter in weight compared to thicker yarns. This means that garments knitted with fine wool are lighter and more comfortable to wear, especially in warmer climates or on projects where minimal weight is required.

That the result is “finer”, i.e., it has more of the “fine”, i.e., it has more of theelegance and sophistication. Thin balls are ideal for knitting elegant garments and accessories such as shawls, scarves, mittens and lightweight sweaters.

Knitting with fine wool is a rewarding experience, offering the opportunity to create elegant and detailed projects. Whether knitting is your relaxing hobby or your creative passion, fine wool is a fantastic choice for bringing your projects to life.

What can be knitted with fine wool?

Fine wool is a versatile option that lends itself to knitting a wide variety of projects. Here are some ideas of what you can knit with fine wool:

  1. Shawls and stoles: Fine wool is perfect for knitting elegant shawls and stoles. Their lightness and softness give these garments an ethereal and delicate look, ideal to complement your outfits.

  2. Lightweight sweaters: Sweaters knitted with fine wool are ideal for the in-between seasons or for those who prefer lighter layers. You can knit sweaters with short or long sleeves, with intricate details or in bright colors. In addition, if you use a large needle, the stitches will be more open and the garment will be cooler.

  3. Gloves and mittens: Gloves and mittens knitted with fine wool are ideal for protecting your hands from the cold while maintaining a stylish look. You can incorporate patterns and decorative details to add a special touch.

  4. Children’s garments: Fine wool is an excellent choice for knitting garments and accessories for babies and children. You can knit delicate rompers and booties.

  5. Socks: Fine yarns are ideal for knitting snug, comfortable socks. You can experiment with knitting patterns, fun colors and different lengths for unique socks.

  6. Lace projects: Fine wool is perfect for knitting intricate lace projects. You can create shawls, tablecloths, curtains or any other object you wish to embellish with beautiful lace patterns.

These are just a few ideas to start knitting with fine wool. The choice of projects depends on your skill level, personal taste and occasion. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the beauty and versatility of knitting with fine wool!

Don't be afraid of fine wool

It’s a wonderful experience full of advantages! Here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of this delicate but versatile fiber:

  1. Lightweight and breathable: Fine wool is lighter than coarser fibers, making it an ideal choice for summer garments and projects that require a cool, breathable feel.

  2. Fine details: Thanks to its finer thickness, fine wool allows you to create fine details and more intricate patterns. With smaller needles or crochets, you will be able to knit projects with a high level of detail and finish.

  3. Project Versatility: Fine wool is perfect for a variety of projects, from elegant accessories such as shawls and scarves, to lightweight garments such as sweaters and tops. It is also ideal for knitting baby clothes and toys.

  4. Learning and challenge: Knitting with fine wool gives you the opportunity to expand your skills and learn new techniques. Handling finer yarns will challenge you to improve your accuracy and dexterity, allowing you to grow as a knitter.

Don’t let fear stop you from experimenting with fine wool. Dare to explore its beauty and enjoy the satisfaction of weaving with this high quality fiber. Discover the world of possibilities that open up when knitting with fine wool and be amazed by the wonderful results you can achieve!

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