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Welcome to the world of fine yarn, the ones we are sometimes afraid to face, but which are the perfect choice for fine, delicate and detailed projects. Our collection of fine yarn balls is carefully selected to offer you soft, light and high quality yarns, but not only that, they are also hand dyed by hand with non-toxic dyes, taking care of you, your skin, and the environment. Each skein is carefully treated with natural and environmentally friendly dyes, ensuring the beauty and safety of your weaving projects. These balls are ideal for knitting garments and accessories that require a delicate texture and a refined finish, and are the result of a meticulous and loving process, where each strand acquires subtle and vibrant shades that will delight your senses. In addition to their exquisite quality, the hand-dyed balls of fine wool offer the possibility of creating unique and exclusive pieces. With a wide range of colors and shades available, you will find the perfect fine wool to bring your most elegant creations to life. In addition to their softness and gentleness, these balls are easy to handle and will allow you to knit with precision and fluidity. Whether you’re working on lace, lace trims or intricate patterns, our fine wool balls will give you exceptional results. Explore our selection and immerse yourself in the beauty and subtlety of knitting with thin balls. Buy now and enjoy the satisfaction of creating exquisite pieces with these premium quality balls!

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  • Sale! Lana color púrpura


    18,00 23,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Sale!


    20,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Solarfri

    25,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Merino wool and original silk

    Feria de Noche

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Wool for knitting sweaters


    25,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Orchestra

    19,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Baby alpaca lino y seda


    25,00  (included IVA) Add to cart

    25,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Alpaca and silk for weaving


    23,00 25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Pétalo de hielo

    25,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Merino wool with soft silk

    Diana Floreada

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • natural wool for knitting
  • LILA

    24,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • SIF

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Sale!


    20,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Carrameña

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Sale!


    22,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Baby alpaca with silk


    26,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • wool and silk


    25,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • lana pelo seda

    Calidez irisada

    23,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Merino and golden salmon silk


    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Mamihlapinatapei

    24,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Ama

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Pájaros enmadejados

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
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