Wool for sweaters

Pullover wool refers to a variety of wools specially selected and recommended for knitting sweaters or sweaters. These wools are designed to provide warmth, durability and comfort.

Our hand-dyed skeins are toxic free. The hand dyeing process guarantees a wide and exclusive range of colors and shades, allowing you to create garments with personality and unique style. In addition, the fact that they are toxic-free ensures that they are safe for both weavers and wearers.

Sweater yarns are available in different thicknesses and fiber types, allowing the choice of wool to be tailored to the desired sweater style. Some of the common fibers used are merino wool, cotton, alpaca wool, camel and cashmere. Each of these fibers has its own characteristics and properties, such as softness, warmth, lightness or strength, allowing the creation of sweaters in different styles and for different seasons.

The choice of sweater yarn also depends on the pattern or design of the sweater, as well as your personal preferences as a knitter. Some wools are more suitable for fine, close-knit sweaters, while others are ideal for looser, cozier sweaters.

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  • Solarfri

    24,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Feria de Noche 2.0

    26,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Kit jersey Yaiza

    72,00 174,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Xarabia sewater kit

    103,00 181,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Irrepetibles I

    69,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Sale!

    Irrepetibles II

    59,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Tormenta al atardecer

    22,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Nubes rosas al atardecer

    22,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Combito alpaca y seda

    49,00  (included IVA) Read more
  • Ovillos top Manis

    45,00 66,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Toñi’s Pierre sweater skeins

    162,00 234,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Cashmere skeins for knitting Fitus sweater

    Toñi’s Fitu sweater with cashmere

    162,00 249,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Spanish merino balls for Fitu sweater

    96,00 159,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Navidad 2023-2024

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • lana color verde

    Verde doncella

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Sale!

    Termalia – madejas teñidas en agua termal

    25,00 164,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Feria

    23,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Lana fina pelo

    Abrazo de tejidos

    23,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • lana pelo seda

    Calidez irisada

    23,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • como tejer con lana jaspeada

    Sueños tejidos

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Melodía lanar

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
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