Crochet Kit - Crochet Kit

Kit Crochet – Kit Crochet to knit wool. A wonderful way to start your project. Combines project, pattern and yarn. Everything you need!
What is a crochet kit?
It is a product composed of a pattern (instructions to knit a garment or accessory with crochet or crochet) and the skeins or balls of wool to be able to knit that garment. This way you don’t have to think and calculate how much yarn you need, we do it for you. You can sometimes find different sizes and each size will have the corresponding number of balls or skeins.

If you are starting to crochet, we encourage you to choose between our crochet kit / crochet kit to avoid making mistakes in the calculations, although you can always consult us as we will be happy to advise you.

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  • crochet vest step by step


    19,00 38,00  (IVA incluido) Select options
  • Sale! Talamica Crochet Shawl

    Talamica box – Crochet or Knittting Shawl

    59,00 83,00  (IVA incluido) Select options
  • crochet shawl step by step


    84,00  (IVA incluido) Add to cart
  • Crochet poncho

    Crochet kit: the Kira Poncho

    99,00 137,00  (IVA incluido) Select options
  • triangular crochet shawl


    84,00  (IVA incluido) Add to cart
  • easy crochet scarf
  • Kit crochet principiantes
  • Summer crochet shawl kit

    Lavender Flower Shawl

    26,15 27,15  (IVA incluido) Select options
  • Chal Mindfulcrochet
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