Perfume for wool

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Do you like the smell of our skeins when you receive them at home? Our perfume for wool can now be yours !

Use it to block your garments, for finished projects, for bedding, or for anything you can think of that has textile fibers in it.


  • Amber color glass bottle with dispenser (spray)
  • Each bottle contains approximately 100 ml

What is a wool perfume?

It is a textile perfume, a lovely way to add a fragrance to your fabrics and garments. Made with natural ingredients, a textile perfume, in this case, from natural cosmetics, offers several wonders and benefits:

  1. Pleasant scent: A textile perfume adds an aromatic note to your fabrics, creating a unique sensory experience. You can enjoy natural and delicate fragrances that gently adhere to the fibers, leaving a subtle and pleasant aroma.
  2. Long-lasting freshness: Unlike body perfumes that fade over time, a textile perfume can provide long-lasting freshness to your garments. The fragrance remains on the fabric longer.
  3. Fabric renewal: In addition to its scent, a textile perfume can help revitalize and refresh your fabrics. By applying it, you can eliminate unwanted odors that adhere to garments over time, such as musty or tobacco odors. This allows your fabrics to look and smell like new.
  4. Feeling of well-being: Natural cosmetic textile perfumes are made with natural and soft ingredients that respect the delicacy of your fabrics and skin. By using a textile perfume, you can enjoy a sense of well-being, knowing that you are taking care of your garments and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.
  5. Versatility: A textile perfume can be used on a wide variety of fabrics and garments. You can spray it on your bed linens, towels, curtains, pillows, blankets and even in your closet to scent and create a pleasant atmosphere in your home.
  6. Natural alternative: Natural cosmetic textile perfumes are an alternative to commercial products that often contain synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals. Opting for a natural textile perfume allows you to enjoy a healthier and more environmentally friendly experience.

Therefore, a wool perfume is a textile perfume, suitable for all types of yarns, qualities and garments.

In particular, we use it after the blocking of the work, since we use a neutral soap, it does not have perfume and so we give it that little extra touch.

Being a perfume made with natural ingredients, it is also suitable for your skin.

It is a textile perfume made for us by caramelosdementa, an expert in natural cosmetics. Its composition is 100% natural ingredients and has no preservatives.

What is natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics is a category of beauty and personal care products that are made using natural ingredients and avoid the use of harsh synthetic chemicals. It is based on the use of raw materials from natural sources, such as plants, minerals and other biological resources, with the objective of providing benefits for the skin and hair in a healthy and environmentally friendly way.

Natural cosmetic products are usually free of artificial ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors and chemical preservatives. Instead, natural ingredients such as essential oils, plant extracts, vegetable butters, clays, among others, are used. These natural ingredients provide moisturizing, nourishing, antioxidant and soothing properties, among others, to cosmetic products.

Natural cosmetics focuses on using sustainable and environmentally friendly ingredients, as well as promoting ethical practices in the sourcing and manufacturing of products. In addition, we seek to minimize the negative impact on the environment, avoiding the use of animal testing and encouraging the use of recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

By choosing natural cosmetic products, the aim is to care for the skin and hair in a softer and gentler way, avoiding possible irritations and allergies. Support for brands and companies committed to sustainability, transparency and ethical production is also valued.

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