Shawl knitting kit

Learn to knit with wool, with this complete shawl knitting kit and hand dyed natural wool. Ovillova wool store. Join our online knitting community.

Knitted and crocheted shawls are more fashionable than ever, and that’s thanks to us knitters, who love to knit these types of projects.

In this category, within our online store, you will find kits for knitting both knitted and crocheted shawls, and the kits are composed of the pattern and the yarns to knit it.

Discover our knitted shawl kits with different colored yarns.

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  • crochet shawl step by step


    84,00  (IVA incluido) Add to cart
  • Shawl of calceta beak
  • two-needle shawl knitting kit


    74,00  (IVA incluido) Add to cart
  • Chal Mindfulcrochet
  • Knitting shawl free pattern

    Limonium shawl

    46,00 48,00  (IVA incluido) Select options
  • Auténtica Amistad shawl

    57,00  (IVA incluido) Add to cart
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