Wool for socks

Socks are a garment that need to be resistant because due to the use of shoes and other friction, for example with the floor, it is a garment that suffers many deformations and wear. So in this case, more than in any other, it is necessary to buy a quality sock wool.

Normally, in order to increase durability, sock yarns are made with nylon, which is a plastic yarn. In our store you will not find nylon yarns because it goes against our values, so we recommend you to use yarns with at least 5 ply to knit socks, because in this way, the yarn is more resistant to breakage and deformation. In addition, in our selection you will see that the yarns contain silk to make them more durable. Silk yarn is the most resistant yarn of natural origin.

You will never have the same durability as with nylon, so it is important that you use patterns where the toe and heel are reinforced. Another tip is to knit with a very small needle to achieve a denser stitch.

In our online wool store we have wool for special socks for sensitive and cold feet, skeins of wool dyed by hand with toxic free dyes.

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  • Comienza

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  • Universo minis

    22,00 24,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Besa

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Ama

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Clayey soil

    25,00  (included IVA) Read more
  • Sueña

    23,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Libérate

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Lana verde y azul


    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Baila

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Navalcaballo

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Albarenal

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  • Carrameña

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  • merino wool australia yarn

    El Coscojal

    25,00  (included IVA) Select options
  • Australian merino wool


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