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Discover our yarn outlet online:  exclusive skeins of wool at discounted prices. Find real bargains on wool and yarns as they are last units.

Some of the colors are dyeing proofs that have never been for sale, so they are unique skeins with a unique price.

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  • Lluvia de otoño

    16,00  (included IVA) Read more
  • Flores de invierno

    45,00  (included IVA) Read more
  • Sale!

    Motitas naturales duo

    38,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Cordero y Cachemir fade

    60,00  (included IVA) Read more
  • Range of pink

    68,00  (included IVA) Read more
  • Sale!


    54,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Flores de otoño

    17,00  (included IVA) Read more
  • Sale!


    18,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Sale!

    Purple Power

    42,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Sale!

    Tulipán difuminado

    57,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Sale!

    Infancia alegre

    60,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Tweed natural

    60,00  (included IVA) Read more
  • Colores en el viento

    60,00  (included IVA) Read more
  • Sale!

    Esto es Halloween

    38,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Rodofluor

    69,00  (included IVA) Read more
  • Sale!


    36,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
  • Sale!

    Pima II

    34,00  (included IVA) Add to cart
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