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Yellow natural dye. Dyeing with chamomile:

Mordant: Yes, is required.

QUANTITY: 1/2 of the weight of the fibers, but you can play with the quantity to obtain a more or less intense yellow.



1) with heat. Boil the flowers for 1 hour and let cool.

2) without heat. Put the flowers in water and leave them for 2 full days (go and stir from time to time).

Once you have the dye bath prepared, strain the flowers well so that there are no remains (squeeze the remains well, so that all the color comes out! you will see how relaxing it is).

Then introduce the fibers, you will see that they take the color quickly, you can keep them for 60′ at low heat so that the dye penetrates more, and of course, if the water remains after removing the fibers somewhat colored, take advantage of this dye bath to dye of increasingly lighter yellows.

Note: you can use the remains to fertilize the plants by mixing them with the soil.

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Yellow natural dye


You already know the benefits that chamomile has as a medicinal plant, and its traditional use in infusion to, for example, improve digestion. Now you can discover the beautiful range of yellows that the extraction of its dye gives us, and how easy it is.

Egyptians, Greeks and Romans already used it for liver diseases and other intestinal problems.

Other options to obtain yellow color for fiber dyeing: birch, acacia, saffron, turmeric, onion, fern, apple tree, daisy, olive tree, parsley.

If you need mordant, you can find in our online shop: alum mordant and cream of tartar.




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