Pull the thread

#drawthread and discover all that TEJER can do for you.

Day 1

Tejer es extraordinario

Day 2

El cerebro trabaja tejiendo

Day 3

Tejer es una recompensa continua

Day 4

Tejiendo accedes al subconsciente

Day 5

Meditacion efecto secundario tejer

Day 6

Tejer es como montar en bicicleta

Day 7

Mientras tejemos las conversaciones son más profundas

Day 8

Tejer nos da seguridad

Day 9

Tejer te permite elegir si tienes contacto visual o no

Day 10

Tejer para todas las clases sociales

Day 11

Tejer es rentable

Day 12

Teje mientras te miras las manos

Day 13

Tejer te aydua a ser feliz

Day 14

Tejer te regala una mente tranquila

Day 15

Tejer es un camino al bienestar

Day 16

Tejer es un regalo para ti y para los demás

Day 17

Tejer para hacer frente al estrés

Day 18

Tejer puede ayudarte a mejorar tu bienestar

Day 19

Tejer puede cambiar tu forma de pensar

Day 20

Tejer te ayuda a cambiar al enfoque si pasas muchas horas frente al ordenador

Studies show that knitting allows you to disconnect after work, especially if you spend long hours in front of a computer. Switching from a 2D screen-based job to a creative, tactile 3D task gives the brain a completely different focus.

Day 21

Before an interview or an exam, if you are nervous and don’t have your work at hand, close your eyes and imagine yourself knitting a series of stitches, with your favorite needle and color.

You will see how much calmer you feel.

Day 22

You can use your work to nurture your creative capacity. This can help you manage change, think outside the box, solve problems, better self-manage work and life in general. Thiswill broaden your options and allow you to respond more resourcefully to circumstances.

Day 23

It is important to recognize progress towards a goal, no matter how small. This also applies to knitting: step by step, stitch by stitch,…. You’re doing great, keep it up!

Day 24

Never forget that you are VALUABLE, because with your hands and through your stitches, you can CREATE. And with what you are creating as you knit, hug, cuddle, care and love.

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