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Altair is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, “The Eagle”. The Arabs, who also saw in this constellation a great eagle flying, called it elnars-el-tair, from which the name Altair was derived.

As a curiosity, this star is about four times more voluminous than our Sun.



Some ideas of patterns to knit with this quality:

For beginners: Crochet – Miss Cloudy Top; Knit/ Twin Needles – Pale Shelter Top

Pattern challenge: Crochet – Caress Cardigan; Knit / Two-needled – Mercurio shawl, Openwork Samaret

Advanced pattern: Crochet – Chevron Pullover; Knit / Two-needled – Warsaw Shawl (making the border with Capella)

Wool for knitting sweaters


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Why use wool? We tell you about its benefits:

    1. Warm in winter and breathable in summer.
    2. It manages moisture naturally, breathes (allows your skin to breathe) and does not make you sweat unlike other natural and synthetic fibers. Therefore, you won’t sweat or you won’t sweat as much and you won’t catch a bad odor or not as much.
    3. It does not need to be washed often, sometimes just airing the garment will be enough, so you will save on washes which is good for your pocket and for the planet.
    4. It is anti-allergic and anti-dust mite (it is a natural dust mite repellent).
    5. Does not generate or accumulate static electricity, no more hair standing on end!
    6. It is fireproof, it protects you from fire.
    7. It is resilient, it does not deform, not even in the points that are stretched the most (elbows, knees, …).
    8. It is resistant to acids.

In addition, if silk is used, it provides additional advantages such as greater softness, shine, temperature regulation, lightness and greater drape. In addition, silk, despite its delicacy, brings strength and durability to wool. This makes garments woven with wool and silk yarn more durable and able to maintain their appearance and quality for a longer period of time. These characteristics make this wool and silk composition a popular choice for weaving projects that seek to combine the warmth and beneficial properties of wool with the elegance and luxurious touch of silk.

Sustainability: Beautiful wool…

…that take care of your health… Synthetic fibers do not allow the skin to breathe and make it irritated, and many of them are petroleum-derived products that have been dyed with dyes containing heavy metals and other toxic substances. Natural fibers, however, allow ventilation of the skin while protecting from the cold and insulating the heat.

… and the environment… Wool, silk and cotton, being natural fibers, are made with more environmentally friendly techniques. They are also 100% biodegradable yarns.

READ ME. Important information:

You should keep in mind that artisanal dyeing is not like industrial dyeing. Batches are small, and the intensity and distribution of colors may vary from one skein to another. If you need the skeins to be from the same dye lot and as similar as possible, please write this in the order notes to take this into account.

It is also important for you to know that colors may look different on each screen and that the mix and distribution of colors you receive may differ from the photo because no two skeins are exactly alike.

In any case, no worries! Because if when you receive the skeins they are not what you expected, we will start the return process without any problem and at no cost to you.

Washing recommendations:

When it comes to washing delicate hand-woven garments, it is important to take extra precautions to maintain their shape and quality, especially if they are woven with hand-dyed yarns.

    • Hand wash:
      1. Fill a container with warm water and neutral soap or mild detergent specific for delicate garments or wool.
      2. Immerse the garment in the water and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Avoid rubbing or twisting the garment, as this may damage the fibers and cause deformation.
      3. Careful rinsing: Rinse the garment with clean water several times until no detergent residue remains. Be sure not to twist it while rinsing it.
    • Dry flat: Place the garment on a clean towel and gently roll the towel to remove excess water. Then, stretch the garment on a flat surface, in block form, to dry. Avoid hanging it, as this may deform it. Tends to shade, prolonged sun exposure can fade colors.
    • Proper storage: After washing and drying, store in a clean, dry place. You can spray the garment with our mothproof perfume, gently fold it and place it in a breathable cloth bag.
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