Care of wool fabrics: tips and tricks to keep them looking like new

How to care for your wool garments at home

Are you one of those people who love to knit with wool? If so, you surely know how important it is to take care of your fabrics to keep them in perfect condition for a long time. In this blog post, we will give you some tips and tricks so you can take care of your wool fabrics like a true expert, with special emphasis on colors.

Wool care
Wool care

Washing your wool fabrics: how to do it correctly

The first tip we want to give you is to wash your wool fabrics properly.

It is best to do it by hand with warm water and a neutral soap or special soap for wool. Be sure not to rub too much and do not twist the garment to avoid warping or tearing.

Afterwards, we recommend that you store it stretched out on a towel out of direct sunlight, so it will recover its original shape and maintain its colors better.

How to store your wool fabrics correctly

Once you have washed your wool fabrics, it is important to store them properly to prevent damage. If you hang them on a hanger, they will probably get deformed, so ideally you should fold them and store them in a drawer or in a cotton bag with a lavender sachet to prevent moths. In this way, you will prevent them from getting dirty and they will be protected. It is also important to store them in a cool, dry place to avoid moisture damage.

How to keep your wool fabrics from shrinking

Washing your wool fabrics: how to do it correctly
Wash your wool garments by hand and with neutral soap.

Another common problem when caring for wool fabrics is shrinkage. To avoid this, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and always use warm water.

How to remove lint from your wool fabrics

Linting is another common problem when caring for your wool fabrics. To remove them, it is best to use an electric machine sold for this purpose, or a special lint brush. never pull on the balls or lint to avoid damaging it. Eventually the pellets will stop coming out.

How to protect your wool fabrics from moths

Moths are one of the biggest enemies of wool fabrics. To protect them, it is important to store them in a clean, dust-free place. You can also use moth repellent products such as lavender or cedar bags to keep them away. If you find moths in your fabrics, it is best to wash them immediately and store them in a safe place.

How to protect your wool fabrics from moths
Lavender sachets

What to do if your wool fabrics get stained?

If your fabrics become stained, it is important to wash them as soon as possible.

Depending on the type of stain, you can use different tricks to remove it.

For example, for wine stains, you can mix water with white vinegar and apply it directly to the stain before washing.

If the stain is grease, it is advisable to use grease or beltran type soap before washing the garment, always by hand, do not forget it.

And if it is a blood stain, the most effective solution is to soak the garment in cold salt water for several hours before washing.

Always remember to read the care instructions for each garment before applying any cleaning method and, if in doubt, consult a professional to avoid damaging your fabrics.

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