Knitting patterns: this week’s top 5 on Ravelry

The 5 knitting patterns that are knitting the most during these days.

Trending topic we bring you today. Read on, to find out which patterns are currently knitting the most according to Ravelry. We will also suggest you the perfect yarns from our store for you to knit each pattern.

Patterns for fashion knitting with two needles

The patterns you will see below are all for knitting with fingering or adaptable to any thickness. We have also selected those that you can find in Spanish. Facilities as needed.

The best thing about knitting a pattern that has been knitted so many times, is that you can be sure that the pattern is correct, and you can also get an idea of its difficulty because you know that on Ravelry each person who knits a garment based on a pattern, at the end scores its clarity and difficulty.

5. Jersey Orbits by Rachel Illsley

This is a November 2021 pattern but it continues to generate crushes. Rachel Illsley created a collection of knitwear inspired by musical pieces written by Ludovico Einaudi. In this case Orbits, it is characterized by its colorful braiding on most of the yoke and on the upper body and sleeves. It is a colorwork pattern and the designer explains that her patterns capture the mysterious, repetitive and delicate essence of music.

Clarity (rating on Ravelry): 4.7 / 5 out of 52 votes

Difficulty (score on Ravelry): 4-5 out of 10

To knit it we suggest: 100% baby alpaca wool, softness, lightness, free of toxics.

And you will need:

(for larger sizes, contact us, we do special prices! ♥ )

Chest circumference (10-20 cm clearance)9097.5105112.5127.5135150157.5165
Main color (meters)96310361109124213451471152916791725
No. skeins333444455
Contrast color (meters) 215227243268292315317352364
No. skeins111111111

4. KOLDING shawl by ChrisBerlin

If you like giant shawls, you’re going to love this pattern. It’s from 2019 but it’s a design that doesn’t go out of style at all.

It is a brioche shawl which “starts in a wide rib that ends with a lace detail, and then turns into plain stockinette stitch. Next, the stitch pattern gradually becomes 1×1 rib, which transforms into bulkier brioche stitch in the center of the shawl. The second side is a reflection of the first, but features a contrasting color, which is worked in intarsia until it covers the entire width of the shawl.”

Clarity (rating on Ravelry): 4.7 / 5 out of 515 votes

Difficulty (score on Ravelry): 3-4 out of 10

You will need to knit this shawl 1554 meters, that is, 4 skeins of fingering yarn of the main color and 1 skein of the contrasting color.

Our suggestions: the two of them together with you will be the perfect toxic free team.

3. Zweig Jersey by Caitlin Hunter

A top down with lace yoke and texture on the body. Spectacular to be able to play with the two colors to create amazing and original combinations.

Clarity (score on Ravelry): 4.8 with 2347 votes

Difficulty (score on Ravelry): 4 out of 10

To knit this sweater we propose the following combinations, but have fun looking for yours! in our store all of them are sustainable.

You will need to knit it:
(for larger sizes, contact us, we do special prices! ♥ )

Chest circumference (positive chest clearance of 5-10 cm)81.591.5101.5112122132142152.5162.5173
Main color (meters)82691010161171129814531639176119292069
No. skeins3333445555
Contrast color (meters) 207228254293324363410441484517
No. skeins1111112222

2. Top Dingley Dell by Isabell Kraemer

If you’re a fan of stripes, you’re going to love this pattern by Isabell.

The designer says: “Inspired by the cricket sweaters of the 1990s, Dingley Dell is worked seamlessly from top to bottom using the adjoining inset sleeve method (developed by Susie Myers) to shape the shoulders and sleeves. The first increases are worked in the right-hand and purl stitch rows to the final width of the shoulders, and then the sleeves are worked simultaneously with the V-neck to the sleeve separation. The body is worked in the round from the top down to the bottom ribbing. The short sleeves are worked in the round from top to bottom. The neckline is worked last”.

Clarity (score on Ravelry): 4.9 out of 224 votes

Difficulty (score on Ravelry): 3 out of 10

Our color proposal: half baby alpaca, half linen and silk. The elegance of taking care of your health and the environment.

Wool linen shawl
Combining Antica Oro and Antica Vino, you will obtain a very wearable and fresh top for spring.

How many skeins do you need to knit the Dingley Dell?

Chest circumference of the finished garment (recommended clearance between 2.5 and 7.5 cm)88.595103.5110118.5125135145153.5
Color 1 (meters)393425463500551580633682721
No. skeins122222222
Color 2 (meters) 347391418455501533594633676
No. skeins112222222

And we are finishing. Below is the current number 1 in the ranking.

1. La Prairie jacket by Joji Locatelli

A cardigan in which the sequence of colors makes one color blend into the next. However, Joji comments that La Prairie can also be knitted in a plain color, as the instructions for changing colors are given separately.

This is the newest of all the patterns we are sharing with you today, so it has very few ratings yet, but it is already in 500 project queues!

Clarity (rating on Ravelry): 4.9 out of 9 votes

Difficulty (score on Ravelry): 4 out of 10

Our proposal to knit it and get a spectacular result: combine different colors of 100 baby alpaca in fingering thickness. Ask us for photos! We will be happy to assist you.

How much yarn will you need to knit this pattern?

(for larger sizes, contact us, we do special prices! ♥ )

Chest circumference of the finished garment (clearance 10-25 cm)87.5106124.5143162180.5
Color 1 – Number of skeins111222
Color 2 – Number of skeins111222
Color 3 – Number of skeins111222
Color 4 – Number of skeins111222
Color 5 – Number of skeins111222
Total skeins per size555101010
Total meters per size114114081712208824222775

In this case, if you have a large size, you may find that you are better off doing it in fewer colors, since 2775 meters would be 7 skeins, instead of 10.

And that’s it! Soon we will do the same with crochet patterns. In the meantime, if you would like us to publish the chart and recommendations for a specific pattern, write it in comments and we will take it into account for future posts.

See you knitting.

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