Musidora crochet shawl kit

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Pattern included

Use the hashtag: #altairovillova or #(namemadeja)ovillova and #chalmusidora

The shawl has a romantic and somewhat retro touch, but at the same time it is different, the stitch combination is simple and balanced. The result is a light, openwork, refined shawl that can be adapted to any lighter or lighter yarn.
adapt to any lighter or more wintry yarn, as long as it is not too thick.

During the winter you can wear it as a scarf, as it is so openwork, it hardly bulges at the neck. Its elegant style will make you have it as a wardrobe background to combine it in your most chic looks and also in the most casual ones, it goes with everything!

This is a beautiful shawl that you will knit by crocheting/crochet designed by Ruth from @farruqacreaciones.

A wonderful pattern perfectly explained that contains not only instructions and photos, but also links to videos of the most complex stitches (with the left and right hand), stitch count table and chart. Super complete.

You can knit it in the colour Altair or in any of our other colours from the merino and silk, camel and silk or baby alpaca and silk catalogue.

Shawl crochet kit


50% Argentinian merino – 50% silk
2 x 100 g – 400 m (2 skeins are included in the kit)
Hand dyed by hand with OEKO-TEX 100 certified dyes.
Toxic free.

Crochet kit

A kit is a pattern with the number of skeins needed for knitting it. Each crochet or knitting kit is like an exciting adventure that brings soft wools together with cool patterns and everything to create art with your own hands. Imagine opening that box and entering a world full of colours and textures, an experience you will love!

Why are our kits so popular? They are a connection to our tradition and creativity, a way to join a community of passionate knitters like you.

If you are new to knitting, the kits are perfect for you! They will guide you through every step, from basic stitches to creating stunning pieces. It’s like having your master knitter knitting with you.

Imagine not having to calculate the amount of wool and having all the wool you need, in a box.

Our kits, like all our products, take care of the planet. We use environmentally friendly wools and dyes, so you can knit with a smile knowing that you are doing something good for the Earth, our home.

Do you want to knit your own crochet stories? With this crochet kit you can! Every stitch you make will be like a memory knitted with love and creativity.

Why use wool? We tell you about its benefits:

The skeins of this crochet kit contain 50% alpaca wool which:

Warms in winter and breathes in summer.
It manages humidity in a natural way, breathes (allows your skin to breathe) and doesn’t make you sweat unlike other natural and synthetic fibres. Therefore, you won’t sweat as much or as much and won’t get a bad smell or not as much.
It doesn’t need to be washed often, sometimes just airing the garment will be enough, so you will save on washing which is good for your pocket and for the planet.
It is anti-allergic and anti-dust mite (it is a natural dust mite repellent).
It does not generate or accumulate static electricity, no more hair standing on end!
It is fireproof, it protects you from fire.
It is resilient, it does not deform, not even in the points that stretch the most (elbows, knees, …).
It is resistant to acids.

In addition, and in this case, silk provides additional advantages such as greater softness, shine, temperature regulation, lightness and greater drape. In addition, silk, despite its delicacy, provides strength and durability to wool. This makes garments knitted with wool and silk yarn more durable and able to maintain their appearance and quality for a longer period of time. These characteristics make this wool and silk composition a popular choice for knitting projects that seek to combine the warmth and beneficial properties of wool with the elegance and luxurious touch of silk.

This fibre is very original as the dyeing results in a marbled effect. Baby alpaca yarn provides the softness, silk the shine and linen the texture, resulting in a rustic yet luxurious wool.

As linen picks up colour differently to silk and alpaca (as it is a cellulosic fibre, not a protein fibre), the result is a subtle mottled effect that produces a wonderful depth of colour.

READ ME. Important information:

You should note that hand dyeing is not like industrial dyeing. Batches are small, and the intensity and distribution of colours can vary from skein to skein.

It is also important to know that the colours of the crochet kit may look different on each screen and that the mix and distribution of colours you receive may differ from the photo because no two skeins are exactly the same.

In any case, no worries! because if when you receive the skeins they are not what you expected, we will start the return process without a problem and at no cost to you.

Washing recommendations:

When you’re done with this crochet kit, you’ll have a beautiful shawl.

When it comes to washing delicate hand-knitted garments, it is important to take extra precautions to maintain their shape and quality, even more so if they are knitted with hand-dyed yarns.

  • Hand wash:
    Fill a basin with warm water and neutral soap or mild detergent specifically for delicates or wool. Immerse the garment in the water and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Avoid rubbing or twisting the garment, as this may damage the fibres and cause deformation.
  • Gentle rinsing: Rinse the garment with clean water several times until no detergent residue remains. Make sure not to twist the garment while rinsing.
  • Dry flat: Place the garment on a clean towel and gently roll the towel to remove excess water. Then stretch the garment out on a flat, block-shaped surface to dry. Avoid hanging as this can distort the garment. Tend to shade, prolonged sun exposure may fade colours.
  • Proper storage: After washing and drying the garment, store it in a clean, dry place. You can spray the garment with our mothproof perfume, gently fold it and place it in a breathable fabric bag.
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Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Rosa, White, Yellow

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