The 5 crochet patterns that are being knitted the most these days.

One more week we go with the knitting trending topic, right? but this time crocheted. Read on, to find out which patterns are knitting the most according to Ravelry today. We will also suggest you which yarns to knit them with from our store so that if you dare, they will be perfect.

Patterns for crochet fashion knitting

The patterns you are going to see next, as last week, are all to knit with fingering or adaptable to any thickness. We have applied the language filter equal to Spanish. Facilities as needed.

Many are patterns that have been knitted many times, so you can be sure that the pattern is good. You can also get an idea of its difficulty because on Ravelry each person who knits a garment based on a pattern, when finished, scores not only its clarity, but also its difficulty.

5. Lúnula baby jacket by Lucía Lavandeira

This crochet jacket is knitted top-down, that is, from top to bottom, and the sleeve is a raglan sleeve. The yoke and body of the jacket are knitted flat, the sleeves are knitted in the round.

To knit it we suggest: 100% baby alpaca wool, softness, lightness, free of toxics.

And you will need:

PrematureNewborn3 months6 months12 months18 months24 months
Main color (meters)270360435525600690810
Number of skeins1122223

4. Mosaic Mini Sweater by Nomad Stitches

This sweater is inspired by the flower meadows that remain dormant in winter to burst into color with the arrival of spring. Knitted with numerous colors following fun mosaic graphics, it is a perfect garment to experiment with. Round yoke with short turns in the back for a good fit.

Clarity (rating on Ravelry): 5 / 5 out of 3 votes

Difficulty (score on Ravelry): 3 out of 10

Our proposal: take a risk and bet everything on the variety of colors and their different ways of dyeing.

And to knit this crochet sweater for boy or girl, you will need:

6-12 months12-18 months2468101214
Chest circumference (positive chest clearance of 5-10 cm)45.5 (51.5, 57, 63, 68.5) (74.5, 80, 85.5, 91.5) cm45.551.5576368.574.58085.591.5
Total meters (approx)620, 730, 890, 1090) (1315, 1515, 1640, 177548062073089010901315151516401775
Number of skeins222334455
Proposed number of colors222234455

3. Octagonical sofa blanket by Helen Shrimpton

It seems that blankets are in fashion! Sometimes the long and challenging projects are the most rewarding. It is a free pattern that is already a few years old to knit an octagonal shaped blanket, very cool indeed.

Words of the designer: “The meaning of the number 8 is harmony, peace and balance, 8 is also the symbol of resurrection and regeneration, and it is like the symbol of infinity, which shows us that there is never an end, but a continuous journey through life”.

The blanket has a central mandala and then the design evolves into an octagon.

You can weave it with any thickness and use the variety of colors you like.

Clarity (score on Ravelry): 4.9 with 122 votes

Difficulty (score on Ravelry): 5 out of 10

For a soft, toxic-free sofa blanket to tuck you or your loved ones in… read on for our color suggestion. For a 3.5 mm crochet hook, you will need approximately 3528 meters. That’s 9 skeins. Write us if you are interested and we will make you a special price.

You can see here all the colors and qualities we have for this thickness.

2. Chal Lost in Time by Johanna Lindahl

This shawl is a classic and continues to be knitted and fashionable. Much of its success is because it is a free pattern. It can be knitted in any size, with any yarn and/or crochet size.

Clarity (score on Ravelry): 4.7 out of 1620 votes

Difficulty (score on Ravelry): 4 out of 10

Our color proposal:

If you want to weave it in a single color, how about Vela, Cerrejón, Espartosa or Chaparral?

If you want to mix two or three, all of the above combine super well and you can add Pozuelos, Pedregoso or Carina.

How many skeins do you need to knit it?

With 3 or 4 should be enough, but if you want it bigger, you can always do more repetitions.

And we are finishing. Below is the current number 1 in the ranking.

1. Seeking Balance sofa blanket by Iman van der Kraan

Another free crochet pattern that looks fascinating. It should be very entertaining to knit, quite challenging. Even though it’s fresh out of the oven, it’s already at 70-something tails, no wonder!

They have also just started a CAL, on Ravelry and in a Facebook group, if you are interested in joining.

Perfect for you if you want to venture into new crochet challenges.

The designer says: “It’s a difficult pattern, with lots of special shapes and stitches and quite a few different techniques applied: from Irish crochet to overlapping mosaic, to interlocking, and even including some plain loops.
It requires concentration and accurate reading of the descriptions. However, the descriptions are very detailed, with lots of photos, so that an advanced beginner will be able to crochet it and an advanced crocheter won’t get bored.”

With a 3 mm and fingering, you will have a 125 x 125 cm blanket.

Our proposal to knit it and get a spectacular result: since you are going to invest so much effort in knitting this blanket, make it with quality fiber. Combine different colors, fibers and qualities, you don’t always have to use the same yarns in a project, and in a pattern like this one even less.

Color (sample proposal)Quantity (skeins)
Diana Floreada2

And that’s it! If you would like us to publish the chart and recommendations for a specific pattern, write it in comments and we will take it into account for the next post.

See you knitting.

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